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About Fete

Fete acknowledges that there are many ways to enjoy dining. It is our mission to join the passion for dining with the desire to explore new cultures and entertainment experiences.

Fete Select TV

Fete Select TV connects you with the newest and hottest restaurants around the globe. Fete Select TV takes you inside to highlight the cuisine, service, cocktails, chef and vibe about the best restaurants in the world. Our featured restaurants will embody unique qualities we feel provide a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Fete Select TV will provide our subscribers with greater access to find and enjoy some of the best dining in the World!

Fete Exposure

Fete has been featured in a variety of media outlets over the past five years including: WGN News, NBC 5, "Dining Out" on CBS 2 News, and the WGN Morning Show. In addition, Fete has recently been featured in Chicago Magazine.

DC Crenshaw's Video Reel